Friday, 21 February 2014

Flipped Learning, Blended learning, Pervasive learning, err... Learning!

Since I've already blogged today, this is a really quick one when I've been looking around the world of learning technologies I note another recent blip in the use of blended learning and a newer buzz word 'flip learning'.  Thing is, I think it's easy to get over zealous and swept away with these and the focus as always should be on the second word and not the first.

I love learning and yes it's pervasive and in everything I do, whether it's face to face, via social media or casual conversation every day is a school day.  So why the obsession for us to focus on the first word?  Don't get me wrong as humans we love to classify and debate where things lie, but if someone is learning that's a result - the methodology or delivery mechanism behind that should always play second fiddle to the actual learning.

I love the fact at Kineo when we were looking at what we are and what we do we called ourselves a Learning Solutions company (and not a blended learning or e-learning or other such organisation).  We're about finding solutions for learning and that's it.  For organisations wanting learning maybe it's different, but maybe it shouldn't be... maybe you should be seeking learning solutions without getting too deep into whether your solution is truly blended.

Flip learning ('cos I know you don't all know) is really about making the most of learning time with the 'expert' and leaving the resource stuff out of f2f time, it's often equated to watching video lectures and problem solving with experts on hand.  You could easily equate this to pull e-learning where you don't thrust the resources and knowledge at your learners - it's not a new concept really and good e-learning designers and teachers alike know about maximising the engagement times with learners.

My whole point here is that learning is the thing, so let's focus on that.  Learning.  By all means you can have face to face training and reverse teaching, but the learning is the learning.  Or maybe I'm wrong; always ready to hear your point of view.

Anyway, I'm happy it's Friday, keep learning, whatever you call it.