Tuesday, 3 February 2015

What's the best tool for creating animations?

Just for a change I have a question for you that I have little opinion on myself!  I know there's lots of tools out there for creating elearning and I'm a fairly big fan of Articulate Storyline but one of it's limitations is in creating animations.  Now I'm not saying it's always necessary to have animated 'things' and you can use some layer tricks and states with the odd fly-in to make some effective little animation pieces, but when you actually want to animate something what do you do?

The problem for lots of us is that rapid elearning can only really be rapid when we have the media we need at our finger tips - hands up who spends more time on making the graphics they need over actually working on the content?

But using rapid tools doesn't always mean the content has to be rapid too.  That means we can get to high class content using the rapid tool as the editor to bring it together, but we need tools for effective graphics and (in this case) animation too.

I'm a Mac user running parallels (and Linux too :) so have no real platform preference but I'm keen to see what others out there use?  For graphics I'm fairly comfortable using Pixelmator which only those in the Mac world will know - it's a bit like Photoshop Essentials if my memory serves me right which is what I used to use.

Do you use other rapid tools that get you better access to animations built in? And if so how to you stop the likes of Engage type animations all looking fairly 'samey'?

Are some of you a little creative in doing this? I used to use a combo of PPT and screencapture tools back in the day - problem with that approach now is that there was a lot of Flash usage and that's just not going to swing it in the modern elearning world.

Appreciate your thoughts and if someone has a creative solution even more so!!