Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Disqus v Google Plus is this the Betamax VHS thing all over again?

A big part of my learning these days is to focus on the interactions - one of the most key ways to do this is by commenting on other's blog posts and interacting with those that comment on mine.  A couple of years back I changed up Blogger standard comments to Google + and it was a great move where I got to see a lot more interactions and comments.  Of course one of the problems with G+ means you must have a Google account (and some people still don't believe it or not).  So a few weeks back I made the bold move to embrace Disqus - if you don't know it (where have you been?) Disqus is exactly as it sounds; a service setup for interactions and discussions.  The problem is that this had the unexpected effect of killing off all my Google comments from under the blog which left a large number of my posts feeling somewhat naked and lacking a large part of the learning.

I had hoped that the Disqus option would create more interaction and even with the loss of historical data this would help... but so far I have to say that Google was (and still is perhaps) creating more buzz than Disqus.

The daft thing is it feels like VHS and Betamax all over again.  Why should we have to choose?  Why does Disqus say you have to turn off Google to work?  Why can't Google allow other services to work together? (why do I have to have a Wordpress account to comment on other's blogs too when I don't use Wordpress myself?).  Too many questions and not enough answers.  The answer is to the big guns out there that by making us choose you're limiting the social interactions and learning.  Hopefully as we move forwards there will be a more unified approach to commenting that stops forcing people down one road or another.

I'm going to experiment with turning G+ back on for the blog and see what happens... if my comments come back I'll let you know.

If anyone else has tried and knows the best way to keep the comments rolling without losing your historical stuff let me know... and as always if you disagree with anything I said I'm glad to hear about it!